Naprapathy Works

About Naprapathic Medecine

Naprapathic Medicine specializes in the evaluation and treatment of neuro-musculo-skelatal conditions through gentle manipulation of muscles, tendons and ligaments throughout the spine and the whole body to relieve pain, alleviate stress, and promote healing.

The term Naprapathy comes from the Czech work Napravit meaning to correct, and the Greek Pathos meaning suffering. The science of this unique approach to correct suffering was established at the dawn of the 20th Century by Dr. Oakley Smith. Through his painstaking research Dr. Smith discovered that abnormally tensed and improperly balanced ligaments, tendons and muscles can impinge on a nerve (or nerves) causing pain and dysfunction in the part of the body served by that nerve: it could mean neuromuscular or organ system pathology.

The Naprapathic treatment restores the balance, which along with sound nutritional guidance, when appropriate, life style changes, allows your body to heal and stay well.

What is Connective Tissue?
It is the most widely distributed tissue in human body. It includes skin, hair, nails, blood, lymph, fascia, muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, disks, bone, etc. . So your body is a complex network of these tissues which, when in perfect balance, give you strength and endurance to accomplish all those daily tasks with vibrant energy. The imbalance can happen slowly as a result of daily activities such as repetitive movements, bad postural habits, and poor diet. Or it can happen suddenly as a result of injury from sprains/strains, falls, and accidents. All this, combined with environmental assaults from pollution, radiation, magnetic fields, and most of all--stress--results in connective tissue damage. Connective tissue damage causes restrictions in spinal mobility, blood supply, lymphatic flow, and most importantly, interference to nerve conduction. You may be totally unaware of the imbalance until a build-up of symptoms reaches a level your body can no longer accommodate, culminating in pain and loss of function.

Why Naprapathy Works?
By removing nerve interference caused by mental, emotional or physical stressors, the brain is able to communicate without obstruction to all the organ systems in the body. This free flow of energy restores the delicate inner-workings of the body, allowing it to heal and to perform at optimum levels.

A first time Naprapathic visit includes a comprehensive medical history followed by a thorough spine examination and postural analysis Additionally, an evaluation of the "Three Pillars of Health" – Immune System, Detoxification System, and Digestive System - is made to help identify the underlying cause of the patient's condition.

Nutritional Approach
The nutritional aspect of Naprapathic treatment involves balancing the internal chemistry of the body. You may have heard before that "you are what you eat." This is true only if your digestion and absorption are perfectly efficient, and match your needs. Naprapaths, highly trained in botanical medicine and nutritional counseling are able to help you here as well. This is accomplished through an extensive questionnaire and appropriate laboratory testing procedures. Then, suggested changes to diet, lifestyle and supplementation are made.