Naprapathy Works

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Expect From My Visit?
Your first visit begins with an extensive review of your health history followed by an evaluation of body alignment, muscle strength, and joint range of motion. The treatment follows: series of stretches, specific for your condition manipulation, and, if your condition warrants, adjunctive therapy such as ultrasound. You may be prescribed therapeutic exercises to do at home and botanicals from our Natural Pharmacy. Mostly, however, you will leave feeling regenerated and the pain retreating or, often, already gone. Please, allow us about 90 minutes for your first visit, about 45 for the subsequent ones to accomplish this.

How Does Naprapathic Medicine Differ From Chiropractic?
Chiropractic approach is based on the subluxation theory: bones that are out of alignment are realigned by high velocity techniques. Naprapathic Medicine is based on the belief that it is the muscle, ligament, or tendon that holds and moves the bone, so they have to be balanced for the bone to be aligned. This allows for the slow, gentle movements to stretch the tensed, contracted tissue to relieve your pain.

Do You Refer To Other Specialists?
Yes, we do. We also welcome input from your other healthcare providers. In fact Naprapapathic Medicine is gaining recognition as a partner in the integrative medicine: some Naprapaths have hospital privileges, and many health care providers refer patients to us.

Is A Naprapath Licensed As A Medical Provider?
Yes, Naprapaths attend a four year program that includes a clinical internship. They must pass a state licensing examination to open a practice. Naprapaths are also required to stay updated on new developments in their field through attending clinical seminars and pertinent presentations.


Common Conditions That Respond Well To Naprapathic Treatment: